Village Watch

Neighbourhood Watch

The neighbourhood watch network operates throughout the whole the whole village, so if you are not aware of your local coordinator please get in touch for further information.

Reports of local incidents are sent out via email, and if you would like to be included please let me know.

Co-ordinator - David Ballard Phone: (01604) 832153

Our police area is the Bugbroke Beat based at Daventry, and Police contact details are: 

                 To report all incidents to the police including  crimes , parking issues, and suspicious circumstances. please telephone 101

                  999 is the number to use to report all emergency incidents such as threat to life or crime in progress.

                  Non urgent  incidents and crimes can be reported using an online form which can be found at

 General enquiries can be emailed to the Towcester Safer Community Team email address . This is accessed by the team and officers that are on duty each day are able to respond in a more timely manner as delays have been caused when officers receive direct emails on their rest days or when on annual leave. The email address is 


                  Towcester Safer Community Team (SCT).     ☎ Telephone 101 | Extension 344275

NB. Email and voicemail may not be picked up immediately due to shift working, rest days etc. so should not be used for urgent enquiries.

For news and information about your local SCT visit

Towcester SCT use Twitter to send out key information about crimes and other issues in South Northants. Anyone wishing to receive this information can follow  us on Twitter @TowcesterSCT . 

Northamptonshire Police can also be followed on Twitter @NorthantsPolice


There is also a Community Messaging email system that anyone wishing to receive information alerts on crimes , issues and events in their area can sign up to. This can be found by visiting and then selecting the Local tab. A box with the title Community Messaging will display which can be selected . This will then have other prompts to allow sign up or log in to take place.


Northamptonshire Dog Watch

Hello to all K9 walkers, here is an opportunity to put your valuable time and skills to further good use whilst out there enjoying your 'walkies' with your best friend. See something that looks suspicious? Take the minute or two it takes to report it to the police. Interested in helping in this way? - then just click on the link and take a look. It's easy to enrol, simply fill out the form on line.

Or ring Dog Watch Co-ordinator for free member's pack. Tel. 101 Ext 5724

Fly-tipping, fallen branches, graffiti, abandoned vehicles etc can also be reported to NCC on Tel.01327 322322 or by clicking on the links below.

The scheme is open to all walkers, with or without dogs. You can be the "eyes and ears" of your community.If you witness fly-tipping or wish to report dumped rubbish, please provide as much information as possible (e.g. date, time, vehicle registration, location, type of rubbish).


Fly Tipping - SNDC

You can report fly-tipping in the following ways:

Via our Fly-tipping reporting form

By calling us on 01327 322344

Email us at