Information Management

Availability of Documents

The Parish Council operates under stringent laws and guidelines. These are modified (where permissible) to suit local conditions and formally adopted by the Council. The Parish Council is obliged to make available all the information that it holds as long as that information is not in 'draft' form, commercially sensitive or publication of which would breach the Data Protection Act under which the council also has responsibilities. These documents or 'information' are detailed in the Freedom of Information Act (Model Publication Scheme 2008) Inventory which, together with the documents themselves, are available to download here.

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 applies to all bodies and office holders identified as public authorities. As a public authority Roade Parish Council is subject to the Act and is required by Section 19 to adopt and maintain a publication scheme, which has been approved by the Information Commissioner.

The purpose of the scheme is to be a means by which the Parish Council will make a significant amount of information available routinely without waiting for someone to specifically request it.  The attached publication scheme relates to the information which will be made available by the Parish Council.  By proactively making available more information, the Parish Council hopes to develop a greater culture of openness and transparency.

Click here to read information available under our FOI Schedule