Reporting Problems

Fly Tipping

Fly tipping is a term used to describe the illegal dumping of material on any land or deposit of waste on land that is not licensed to accept it. In practice this usually means waste dumped in lay-bys, farmland, back alleyways or items placed by litter or recycling bins.

Reporting fly tipping - Here

If you witness fly tipping or wish to report dumped rubbish, please provide as much information as possible (e.g., date, time, vehicle registration, location, type of rubbish).


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You can report pot holes and any other problems with a local road, street or pavement by contacting the County Council’s Street doctor: Here

Parking - Street Scene

Abandoned Vehicles -Report it to ELVIS - ELVIS is the End of Life Vehicle Impound Scheme run by Northamptonshire County Council. We all hate seeing abandoned rusting, old and dangerous cars cluttering up the place. It is against the law just to dump a car or van, but ELVIS can help you get rid of your vehicle as long as you have got the official log book and keys.


Responsibility for rights of way resides with Northamptonshire County Council.  Problems should be reported in the first instance to the officer responsible for Area 2 - Nick Wedgbrow on 01604 883457. The Parish Council footpath warden is B.R. (Charlie) Gibbins. A description of work of the Parish Footpath warden, and contact details can be found here