Harpole Parish Council meets monthly at the Old School Hall in School Lane. There are 12 Parish Councillors and a Clerk. Representative  Councillors from South Northamptonshire Council (2) and Northampton County Council (1) are invited to meetings.


I have been on Harpole Parish Council for approximately 4 years. I was born and bred in Harpole 59 years ago. And I work for Kier Ltd on Northamptonshire Highway


A village man who has lived in Harpole since 1943. I Trained as a Certificated Teacher at the College of St Mark and St John, Chelsea. London. On the death of my father in 1975 appointed Clerk of Harpole Charities a position held for 35 yrs. I resigned as Clerk in 2010 but remain as a ·trustee. Appointed magistrate on the Mid-Northants Bench sitting in the Nisi Prius Court on George Row Northampton until its closure when I Transferred to Towcester Bench where I became Chairman of the Bench, sat on the Juvenile and Youth Panel. Family Panel and Probation and Police Committees. I was Appointed to the Parish Council in 1990 after retiring from Teaching and represent the Council on the Churchyard, Finance, Planning and Scarecrow Committees as well as Harpole Action Team Committee, working on the Neighbourhood Plan. I am a Trustee of Harpole Playing Fields Association and Harpole. Youth Club, Also a Churchwarden of All Saints Church Harpole and as such am appointed as Trustee to Harpole Free School Foundation.


A Harpole resident of over forty-five years (if you don't include a 12 month break at Duston)! I'm also the owner of Magnus Shoes Ltd based within the village & employing four more local people. I have a small family including my wife Amanda & son Josh and an extended family including parents, sister & family and parents in-law also all living within the village. I'm a keen Northampton Saints fan & season ticket holder & I also like to travel to see them play — my Sunday mornings are also given over to rugby where I take my son to play for Bugbrooke Badgers across Northamptonshire. In my spare time I like to socialise in the local pubs & enjoy a spot of clay pigeon shooting — not at the same time I'll hasten to add! I've been on the Harpole Parish Council for nearly two years now & see it as my way of giving something back to the village — a place that I'm happy to have grown up in & even happier to now call home. I represent the Parish Council on four village bodies - The Old School Hall, The Playing Fields, The Youth Club & The Churchyard. The Parish Council is an important part of the village administration & if you see me out & about I’m always happy to pass your comments on to the council — equally every monthly Parish Council meeting is open to the public & we actively encourage parishioners to attend.


A Harpole Resident born and bred, my family has lived here for many, many years.  I am currently sit as  Chair on the Council, Chair of the Planning Committee and a member of the Harpole Action Team dealing with local applications as well as the wider picture of the Norwood Farm Development, Upton Lodge, Roman Road & other developments in the surrounding areas.

During the meeting each month I take notes of what is being discussed & then produce the PC monthly newsletter. I am also a representative on the Highway Committee.

I have been an Officer in Harpole Boys Brigade for 31 years, currently running the Anchor Boy Section.  I am Secretary to the Methodist Chapel and a Trustee of the Harpole Charities.

Please feel free to contact me here by email with any problems, queries or questions and I will do my best to assist you in any way I can.

Or phone me on 07906066011


Born and bred in Harpole, I have been a Parish Councillor for approximately 40 years. I am the local footpath warden, also a member of the Finance, Planning and Highways & Footpath committees.I am a retired self-employed electrician; a Justice of the Peace for 20 years; a keen walker and member of an outdoor pursuits group 


I have been a Parish Councillor for the past 5½ years, with a responsibility for the Allotments; also a member of the Finance, Highways & Footpaths and Old School Hall committees and also bookings secretary for the Old School Hall. 

I’m a retired teacher; a keen long-distance walker and member of an outdoor pursuits group: an alumna of the Open University.


Having stepped down as chair of the PC in May, I sit on the Highways  and Footpaths, Finance and Planning committees. As a PC we are working to ensure that the accompanying infrastructure, roads, leisure facilities, schools and medical services are also delivered. My more personal battles are against the problem of increasing levels of dog fouling and litter.


Currently a member of HAT (Harpole Action Team) and Churchyard Committee, I was born and bred in Harpole. My Mother’s family has lived here for centuries. Male kinfolk lost their lives fighting for the King at the Battle of Naseby. My flying career stretched through the Royal Air Force, the Sultan of Oman’s Air Force and the US Air Marine Corps. Now busily retired.


I have been  married to June for 40 years - we have one daughter Miranda & two grandchildren Josephine 18 Andrew 12.  We have lived in the Village for 42 years. 

I spent 12 years in the Royal Navy from the age of 15, some of which timewas in submarines, and I have been under the North Pole!  I Have climbed Mt Fuji in Japan, Mt Kilimanjaro East Africa, Ben Nevis Scotland amongst others and saw action in Malaya 1960/1962

 On leaving the RN Joined the Ambulance Service where I served for 30 years, becoming a Paramedic in 1982

 I was appointed to the Magistrate’s Bench in 1988, where I served until 2010.

I sit on the Highways and Footpath and Finance Committees.


I joined the Parish Council in August 2016 because I feel that I have a strong bond to the village and I am keen to play a part in helping maintain the historic character of the village.

I am also a member of the Harpole Action Team primarily concerned with trying to protect our community from inappropriate large scale housing development.

I live in Sandy Lane with my wife, two children and our dog Poppy.


I have lived in the village since 1994 and am married to John, with two grown up daughters. I have over 20 years business experience and have  volunteered as a governor at Campion School and a couple of local charities. 

I sit on the Finance and  Planning committees: I represent the PC on the Playing Fields Committee and the Free School Charity and I chair Harpole Action team(HAT).


I sit on the Finance Committee


Having lived in Harpole since 1978, I have been a member of Harpole Parish Council since November 2013. I am Vice Chair of the Parish Council, on the Playing Fields, Scarecrow Festival, and Youth Committees. I am also on the Harpole Action Team, engaged in discussions about proposed developments. Before retirement, I worked for the Highways and Transportation department at Northamptonshire County Council, and for the contracting company Amey. My dog Milo and I live in Larkhall Lane. I attend All Saints Parish Church, preaching in local churches and being involved in some activities at the Methodist Church. I am interested In a wide range of musical and sporting events. My son lives in Harpole with his family, and my daughter in Northampton, with her husband.



Members of the Parish Council have been appointed to sit on the following outside bodies: 

Old School Hall Management Committee 

Rita Gibbins, Max Jones, Simon Drinkwater, Michael Marketis. 

Youth Club 

Colin Wilkinson, Michael Marketis, Jeremy Calderwood. 

Playing Fields

David Starmer, Colin Wilkinson, Simon Drinkwater, Sonja Roberts. 

Free School Charity 

Jeremy Calderwood, Sonja Roberts 

Harpole Charities (stand a term of 4 years & are all appointed by PC)

Jeremy Calderwood, Sarah Eason, Mary Burt & Peter Bateman. • Road Safety Officer 

Max Jones. 

Field Footpath Warden 

Brian Gibbins. 

Tree Warden

Brian Gibbins. 

Scarecrow Committee 

Michael Marketis, Jeremy Calderwood, Colin Wilkinson



NCC COUNCILLOR - Councillor William Brown

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